Margaret Barnett

1. What tours do I lead? Raleigh
2. Why I love leading tours? As a Raleigh native, I have enjoyed experiencing the growth of our amazing downtown area! I love introducing people to the best local spots and sharing the stories of our city. Downtown Raleigh is a wonderful, thriving place and I am thrilled to share its magic with others!
3. Favorite food/drink? Any kind of breakfast, anytime! Eggs, pancakes, grits — I’m always up for a great Southern-style breakfast!


I grew up in Raleigh and have lived in New Orleans and northern California. From incredible NOLA gumbo to fresh-avocado-on-everything, living in these different places has influenced my tastebuds and inspired my passion for great food. I love supporting local businesses and getting to know the people that make our city the vibrant and friendly place it is. I enjoy exploring the Triangle’s ever-growing art scene and listening to local music. My background is in marketing and design and when I’m not leading tours or working at a local high school, I love exploring the Triangle and visiting museums and galleries both near and far.