Katie Decker

1. What tours do I lead? Charlotte!
2. Why I love leading tours.
I love food and I love sharing that with people. Charlotte has amazing people running amazing restaurants, and getting to give a (literal) taste of that with the people on the tour is very special. I get to make so many connections with cool people while we do that!
3. Favorite food or drink?
I swoon for a deep bowl of fresh pasta and a good glass of wine to go with it. I love making and trying cocktails as well!  Dessert favs are warm peanut butter cookies, or anything combining peanut butter and chocolate.

I caught the travel bug after going to Italy, and my husband and I spent a couple of years in the UK. We got to travel to many different European countries, and the FOOD was AMAZING. This was actually where my love of food tours was born, having gone on several during our travels. I live and breathe food (always have!) and am always thinking about what to make or try next! When I’m not eating, I love to cuddle my fur babies, read, go to coffee shops, rock climb, take walks, color, do puzzles, and get into a deep conversation.