Erica Lear

1. What tours do I lead? I lead tours in Raleigh and Durham!
2. Why I love leading tours? As a food tour guide, sharing my love of food with others has been such an exciting and fun-filled experience. Being able to educate, share and support the amazing talent of our local chefs and restaurants allows me the opportunity to bring people together, but more importantly, it allows me to support small business owners who bring their passion, grit and culinary expertise for all to enjoy.
3. Favorite food/drink? Arepas, natural wines and gin cocktails

I was born in Pittsburgh, raised in Atlanta and schooled in North Carolina, but I am truly a southern girl with an adventurous love for food. Ask others and they will tell you that I have an uncanny wealth of knowledge when it comes to recommending local businesses and restaurants. I am an avid art, music and food lover and am always excited to be able to share noteworthy facts and figures with anyone I meet! The art of communicating and instructing is natural talent of mine as I am a trained speech language pathologist with over 19 years experience serving children and adults with speech, language and hearing disorders. I have been gifted with the joy of expressive communication and I do it very well. When I am not saving the world, I am out on adventure with my family, running races, visiting with friends and family, creating art, teaching my dog new tricks, enjoying laughter and, as always, meeting new people.