Courtney Matheson

1. What tours do I lead? I lead tours in Wilmington!
2. Why I love leading tours? Tours are a way to showcase my friends in the business. Wilmington is a super tight knit group, we stick (drink) together…and I love to work with talented owners/chefs in Wilmington. As a personal chef, it allows me to stay up to date with restaurant openings/closings….
3. Favorite food/drink? Too many foods to list: A great crusty baguette, cheese…from anywhere!! Local goat, NC hoop, Brie, Maytag bleu…I love it alllllll !!  Red wine, (Foothills) Peoples Porter, I also love all of my fun Soda Stream Concoctions! Fave so far, Black cherry soda water.

Courtney Matheson is currently the Chef/Owner of Delish NC. Clients range from university professors seeking healthy meal options weekly, beach-goers looking for that gourmet, stress free dinner, or even Bachelorettes celebrating gourmet style for the upcoming “big day”. In-home cooking classes are even in her repertoire. She teaches everything from, homemade pastas, to Ramen bowls and breaking down whole lobsters. Even the simplicity as a fresh, (home) garden grown salsa are a part of the lessons. Clients should expect, garden grown, organic produce (in season) as well as , heavy emphasis on North Carolina products, and of course, local seafood…as she spent 10 years as a  Chef in a downtown Wilmington restaurant that specialized in seafood. In 2003, relocating from NYC,  as a textile designer, Matheson knew she would be making a career change moving to Wilmington. Little did she know, her love for cooking, drive to succeed and Wilmington’s strong presence of tourism would lead her to professional cooking. After 10 years in a commercial kitchen as a Chef, she decided to leave the hustle bustle, long hours and low pay, to spend time with her freshly born son. But, soon after, the love for cooking could not escape her. She started her business Delish NC. Delish NC is a personal chef business that allows her to work part time, work closely with her clients to create customized meals and cook gourmet, plated food, in home, as well as teaching cooking classes for the last 4 years. Courtney is also currently leading food tours in downtown Wilmington for Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours and is a founder of Wilmington Cooperative School. In her free time, she enjoys teaching her son the joys of life, as well as taste testing U.S. eateries and documenting them on Instagram as courtneyatdelishnc.